Why SB

Why SwapyBooks ?

We need such a platform because we all enjoy reading books but after reading one book we do not read it again. If a person has 100 books in his personal collection thenonly five to ten books are his most favorite which he does not want to lose. But there are 40-50 books which he did not read more than once. Remaining in a corner of his book-shelf these books accumulate dusts. If those books can be exchanged with another person then he can get new books and read those books without spending money.

Now, many would think that such exchange of books might affect the business of book publishers but that is not true. Rather such exchange will create more eagerness among people to read new books. Because of this eagerness they are going to buy more new books. There are some shops in our country that sells books and some rent them. Such business outlets will highly benefit from such exchange. Old book selling websites will also benefit.

SwapyBooks  will not neglect copy right. Here we encourage people to exchange booksin their collections with others. Any other medium or any illegal activities will not be tolerated here.

The most important thing is that the meet ups and facebook activities as well as website will only make people more eager to read book and popularize book reading.