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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]very raw thing about swapybooks

We can discus for books related Query

1 My Idea is exchange the books or swap books
2 help to find a book if anyone can make a query
3 It will be greet to make a community who loves to read books

thinking to make a group rules , any advise will be highly appreciative


About swapybooks

SwapyBooks  is the idea of a Bangladeshi book lover MH Maruf. He first shared this idea in Facebook in March 2017 . After that people of different ages and professions joined him.

At present, SwapyBooks is a small initiative. But its goal is to spread its activities all over the world. The goal of this organization is to encourage people to exchange books with each other.

SwapyBooks  have a Facebook Group and website where you are reading this content. In addition, we regularly organize meet ups. Currently, this initiative is only limited to Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. But we hope that pretty soon it will spread all over the world.


How SwapyBooks  will operate?

The idea of SwapyBooks  is very simple. If a person want to throw away or get rid of some books from his personal collection can attend SwapyBooks  meet ups and exchange them with others. He can also do it through Facebook group or website. To join a meet up he would have to pay the bills of the food.

There will also be online meet ups via facebook and book exchange through courier. The Swapy Book website is still in development phase but we have future plans that we shall enable people to exchange books through courier.

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You may join our facebook group .

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