The starting point of human civilization is considered when human beings first developed the system of writing. It is believed that human beings became civilized with the invention of fire but after the invention of writing human beings had been able to store and pass on their knowledge and experience to the next generation. Thanks to the invention of writing, we can now know about ancient people and societies.


Book is the ultimate expression of human knowledge. For thousands of years, people have been reading books. There was a time when books were written using leathers and woods but after the invention of paper, publishing books became very easy.


In this age, the use of books has become diverse. Along with hardcover books, e-book have also become very popular. Every day, countries around the world are publishing millions of books.


However, even after all these advancements people do not have too many books in their personal collection. The reason is, buying books requires money and they do not have enough time to read books. After buying a book, the person reads it once, twice or more if he enjoys the subject. Then the person keeps the book in bookshelf where it only accumulates dust. For this reason, we started Swapy Books.