How can you get involved?

How can you get involved?

SwapyBooks  is an open platform. People from all over Bangladesh as well as foreign countries can join this platform. We want to become a place where book lovers from all over the world will converge.

We do not just want to become another book-selling outlet but an organization that takes books to book-lovers all over the world.

This is the age of information and communication technology. More and more people are using slew of gadgets including smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops etc. They stay connected to the Internet through their devices and access social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. This new trend has a negative effect on book reading. Number of book readers is declining which is not a good sign for human civilization.

Currently, many people are under the impression that reading books in this age is a waste of time but nothing is further from truth. With each passing time machine learning, artificial intelligence, robots will take over human workers thus shrinking the opportunity of employment. Both the educated and uneducated people will fill the effect of such automation. In such a situation, the only way to cope is upgrading one’s skill and knowledge by reading books. We are entering in an age where we need to be more educated, intelligent and skilled. For this reason, we need to take book reading seriously.

Hence, if you believe in our mission and objectives then stay close to us. We need your support. We want you to join us and help us cultivate the habit of reading books among people. You can assist us in different ways-

  • Send donations
  • Organize a SwapyBooks event at your educational institution.
  • Join our Facebook group and website.
  • Exchange books with our members.

According to your capability you can assist us. You can also tell others our names because this platform is highly beneficial to all people. If SwapyBooks  becomes successful then the number of book readers will increase as well as the number of book writers.

If you are a writer then you can give few complimentary copies of your books to us. We shall distribute these books among our members at different events. If you are a publisher then you can sponsor our events.