Future Goal

Future Goals:

SwapyBooks  is a new platform and we strongly believe in its growth potential. So many things can happen with this platform if the platform can attract huge number of people.

Already 4000 people joined SwapyBooks . A time will come in future when one million people will join this group. They will know about these renowned books from websites and facebook group. They will buy the books and read them. Some of our future goals are-

  • Increase the use of books.
  • Regularly organize meet ups and spread this in other parts of the world.
  • Organize different events related to books especially in different universities.
  • Develop SwapyBooks  website.
  • If possible publish books of new writers.
  • Promoting classic books.

Since this is a company, we shall be engaging in profit generation but more than profit generation, we aim to cultivate the habit of reading books among people. We want to create new readers. No matter, where we live or work, books are necessary to develop human knowledge and skill. If we do not read books then we shall not gain new knowledge and learn new things.

It is a common belief in Bangladesh that after completing MA degree, one does not need to read books anymore. But learning is a life-long process. Even in work we need to acquire new knowledge and new set of skills. Upon our retirement we might stay at home we can spend time reading books. Even if we become sick we can read books lying on our beds. Book is our best companion.

Even in this age, people read books to overcome their loneliness. Elderly people do not enjoy outdoor activities. They do not watch a lot of TV or listen to music in high volume. They like to read books. Even very sick people can hear audio books.

We must not forget that among all the contents out there such as Facebook page, blog posts,magazine and newspaper articles, TV news, book is the best content in the world. Lots of hard work goes into the creation of a good book. Only great scholars or a highly knowledgeable person can write books. Those who write literary pieces gain fame and fortune after lots of hard work. After studying so many years and gaining lots of knowledge, a person writes a book. Even those who right small books or booklets to spends lot of time and can develop certain skills to understand human minds. For this reason, they can easily get attention from others.

Even after all these years, sales and demand of books have not declined. Previously people used to read hard cover books. Now many people are reading e-Books.