Workshop under @Swapybooks: How to increase Your Thought Process?
Instructor @ Marufur sir.

Thought process is a common word and almost everyone use this word very easily. But how much we know about this through process? Basically through process means critical thinking or thinking power. Thought process is the process of using your mind to consider something carefully.

According to , a thought process in which ideas (words or images) is suggested other ideas in a sequence. It may be various ways such as the creation of a construct; the process of combining ideas into a congruous object of thought, Abstract thought, logical thinking, and reasoning thinking that is coherent and logical. Mainly it is a analytical and critical work and from this analysis we get some outputs. Such as
Idea, slogan, publicity, goal, problem solving etc.

Brain storming is very important for critical thinking or thinking process. Then, what is this?
Brain storming is — It is a method for generating ideas to solve a design problem. It usually involves a group, under the direction of a facilitator. The strength of brainstorming is the potential participants have in drawing associations between their ideas in a free-thinking environment, thereby broadening the solution space. It is mainly group work and from this brainstorming we get most common and real output. For effective brain storming there are four tools , Such as –
1. Idea selection
2. Explain the role
3. The game started
4. The elimination

 Idea selection – There are some steps to Idea selection. E g…
*Set the stage – first we need to set a stage for selection any idea.
*set the time frame – Yeah, it is most important to set time frame,
* Group size- It is not less than 3 and not more than 10. Mainly 7-8 people’s group is most effective,

* Issue must be clear,
* record all response in board or paper, not record of the name of person

 Explain the role –

*do not disclose the person’s name,
*Not criticism, not praise or not judge
*Quantity counts

 The game began-
*appointed discussion leader,
*leader should read the ideas but no suggestions,
*Being exchange the ideas

 The elimination – it is the last stage of brain storming and from all kinds of discussion we can take a proper result or selection most effective ideas.

All these process helps to develop thought process and understanding power. In our particular life we can use all these process and get benefit.