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Now a days world become more communicative, native language is not the only language for communication with the world . normally 2 or more language are needed , most of the Americans students knows french and Spanish, Canadian students needed to learn french and spanish , Russian students study french and German ,

English is a very popular second language. In fact, it’s the most popular second language in 55 countries. French (coincidentally, one of the easiest languages to learn) comes in second, but only 14 countries have it as their most common second language is french, which is a far cry from 55.

In Bangladesh English is using everywhere  like in government, law, business, media and education, but having no official status. its prevalent across  and can be regarded as the de facto co-official language of Bangladesh .

The fact is, education of English as an unofficial most used language in our country its a nightmare!! most students are afraid about their English skills. but who completed High-school standard /HSC they read and seat for exam for 1200 marks . most of our under grad and graduate education system are in English medium , but our competency in English is not the world standard, most of the grad students  we cant talk 5-10 minute about our self for lack of confidence,  that’s why we losing everywhere.  lack of consistency in student life are payback to whole life.

Search English Story

Search English is an open platform for people who want to practice English and develop their level of proficiency in English writing and have a better career and better life. Which is why, our slogan is “Learn English to Change life.”

Service Category of Search English

SKILLS Improved skills for building site to sell online courses successful, how to take that opportunity.


The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn anything just by your self.


Get knowledge about online business, trend analysis, customer approaches, products marketing


Prompt conversation and collaboration within your community of learners and instructors with bbPress forums system integrated in this course.


Organizing regular webinars for learners to get into the next level with real time audio web conference to access from anywhere and any connection.


Upload documents, presentations, images, and resources. Simply drag and drop content from your computer straight into the course

Search english facebook group

Search English group Start their journey 1st july 2016.  At this days The search English over 1.5 Million members based Facebook group .  as per my observation Search English is the fastest growing Facebook group in the world @E-learning sector.

I think learning environment is the  main reason  search English group members increasing day by day. Search English is a amazing group to learn English language without any hesitation. Begainer and out of confidence learnier can practice English without others people pinging,  Another interesting this is there are few part in Search English without workshop other part are completely free.   I have seen  many member is doing very well by their hard working effects.

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Watch Razib’s Story 

English proficiency opens up opportunities for people in Bangladesh and beyond. Watch how Razib, founder of Search English help over 360,000 people improve their English skills and confidence on Facebook.

This is the first video of Facebook in Asia created about search English

why is search English special?

some of group members says

Mitu Islam:  Search English is one of the best platform for learning English. Because we can practice easily more & more in here without any kind of hesitation, shame,fear.Search English platform is an open platform for all weak students. So, we feel comfortable to practice here. Thanks a lot Razib Ahmed sir for creating a magical group like Search English group.I feel happy & also proud to be a member of Search English group.

Nurunnabi Sourav: In this group we really read many post and write comments, it helps us to ameliorate our English proficiency. Search English has created a unique atmosphere for the ordinary people to practice English without any kind of fear of grammar or anything else. In this group every member is friendly and helpful and here girls are highly respected by every single member.

Abdur Rahim Ritu: It’s Special because Here practise easily without any shy,fear and hesitation.We can Write comment easily because this group is 24 hours active.Always get new new post thats why we practise here anytime.Really search English is the special for all of us


Mr Razib Ahmed said about Search English Group


Mile Stone of Search English

1/07/16 Start

13/12/17- 500,000 members

08/04/18 1 million members

06/05/18 Search English Saved  GPAccelerator Top Five position

25/5/18 Social Media for Empowerment Award 2018

16/8/18  1.5 Million Members!!!