Locally we call it menda or milli or mindali. It is ritual food item in our district. In past, various bridal occasion or wedding ceremony, Akika, Sonnate-Khotna and various ritual most people cooked this special amazing food. Mainly it mixes with just powder of rice. Various types of Pithaly cook in our home town. Such as pithali with vegetables, pithali with Shrimp or prawn, Pithali with meat (mostly beef). Sometimes a little bit potato also added with this item. It is really a delicious and testy food.


khicuri is also one special food in our district. Most of people like it very much. Mainly it cooks various vegetables, peas and condiment. Sometimes it cooks with meat. But most of time it cooks only un-boiled paddy and laments. People like to eat fried egg, fried fish with Khicuri. It cooks with spicy and various flavor. In rainy season, most of house cooks kithuri with fried fish. In Jamalpur, we can easily find various fishes in our canal and channel. Ah, various fried fish or meat with kichuri is so much testy and delicious.

Mashkalai or Black gram:

It is one kind of pulse. Mostly it grows in northern part of our country means Jamalpur, Sherpur, Bogra and so on. As it grows ample in our district, so we can take it very spontaneously. It is also occasional food item. Various rituals we can take its testy.
We mainly cook it two ways such as mash and densely pottage (dal). Both are very testy.

Nabri or Morighonto:

It is one kind of special dish in our District. Everybody likes it very much. It is really appetizing and plateful. It cooks various vegetables such as Ceylon spinach, red amaranth, water spinach, mint etc with fish head. Especially we cook it hilsha fish head with leaf of arum and others. Hometown we call it Nabri but various area it calls various names.

14 vegetables curry:

In past, I saw my grandmother cooked this special item one time in a year. There were 14 types verities leaf item. Most of all were greens and must be without any fish or meat. It is called vegetarian diet. Here any one can easily take the flavor of verities vegetables. It is also a traditional food and ate occasionally. But now a days this food is very rare.