Swapybooksoks group 4th adda @ 13 july 2018
book swap party
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It was Swapybooks group 4th adda, near about 30 member was came into this adda at bengle book. The adda was started 4 pm , when I came to bengle book already few member came early , in the few times later all of our pre registered member came in, Razib vai  came in just time.

We discuss about a lot of thing, introduce with each other because some of new comer are there , I explain some point about Swapybooks , what we do actually at this group , it’s a book lovers group, we love read books, want to discuss about it , meet and exchange the book with each other.

After few times we eat some snacks , the tastes of snacks was delicious , tea was hot its take a lot of time to finished.Some of our bothers and sisters talked with each other take some photos ,Near end of adda the Prize giving ceremony was started , its for some write up contest, reading contest, song contest etc .

After magreeb Azan, some member was left the place with smile But some member carry the adda more long  near about 9 pm all we left the place .

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Swapybooks 4th ADDA

Posted by MH Maruf on Saturday, July 14, 2018