About District of Kishoreganj:
Kishoreganj is a central district of our country Bangladesh. It is famous for historical important places and well-known personalities. Though it is now under Dhaka division, in past it was under Mymensingh division. It is only 145 km far from north east Dhaka. The name of Kishoreganj came from the name of an old landlord called as Brojokishore pramanik or Nandokishore Pramanik.

Area of Kishoreganj District:
Kishoreganj district is a small but beautiful attractive district. It is only 2731 km(approx).It has 2911907 population. The district consists of eight municipalities, thirteen upazilas, 110 unions and 1794 villages. The Kishoreganj town is only 19.57 km. Most of the people are Muslims rest of some Hindus and Buddists. There are 3980 mosques, 530 temples and 7 churches. The river Narasunda flows across the town.

Places of interest:
Kishorganj district is full of amazing historical and interesting places. If anyone visits this area one feel very warmth to see the nature view of this district. The historical places of this district is Janglebari fort, Egharosindhur, Shah Mohammad mosque, Shadi Mosque, Fort of Isha Kha, Majar sharif, fairy tales, Pagla mosque and so on. The well known Eid ground called Sholakia Eid Ground is also situated here. Govt. Gorudayal College is a famous college in this district.

Famous personalities:
Kishoreganj is a home of famous personalities. Chandrabati who is the first women poet was born here. Syed Nazrul Islam, the politician, first acting president also from this district. Present president of our country Abdul Hamid also comes from here. Famous children literature Upendo kishore Roy chowdury and Sukumer Roy was born there. On the other hands, the great master of painting called Zaynul Abedin also from there.

Kishoreganj is an amazing and attractive place of our country. It is full of various small and big river such as old Bramaputra,Meghna, Kalni,Narasunda etc. We all feel proud as a citizen of this district.

Kishoreganj district online link: http://www.kishoreganj.gov.bd/